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Give thanks for the gift of life!

As a person impacted by the gift of an organ transplant and organ donation, it seems hard to express that gratitude given (except for a living donation) the typical anonymous nature of that gifting process. TRIO Philadelphia offers a way for expressing that gratitude with active engagement and support in the many ways TRIO offers support for so many others in the name of your own thanks for your donor.

Bob Kelchner, a long time TRIO Philadelphia (I mean like more than two decades of faithful family active engagement) with his family (both wife and daughter are his living kidney donors) share their testimony in this interview opportunity.

And here is TRIO Philadelphia supporting the Donors are Heroes at the Transplant Family House, baking for the many families that come there for their transplant care and follow-up. You can be a part of that act of gratitude when you join TRIO Philadelphia.

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