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TRIO Philadelphia social events . . .

At least once a year our chapter tries to host an OPEN/FREE social event (not of course in today's COVID-19 days of social distancing, but in prior years).  These have taken the form of luncheons at a Chinese family restaurant (Media, PA), a huge family dinner affair at Schneider's German style family restaurant (Johann, our host, is a heart transplant recipient  - recently his shore-famous restaurant burnt to the ground and has not been rebuilt - a big loss!), a BBQ picnic at Kathy's home (with pool for the kids - Kathy is a double-lung recipient with twins whose life story and twins created the TRIO Philadelphia "Mommy Can Play Again" - and those are just some of our social events that you too can be apart of if you join our chapter.

IMG_0766 resized 1024.JPG
the gathered celebrants.jpg
recognizing liver donation Sue and Bob K
luncheon Dec 2017.jpeg
chapter event 9 10 2016.jpg
TRIO thanks John and Bev with DLA flag g
a perfect Schneider day.jpg
honoring donor family Ganos.jpg
potatoe heart pancakes.jpg
recognizing caregiver Bruce Rubin.jpg
long time live recipient Elizabeth.jpg
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Maybe next event you can join us?
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