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TRIO Philadelphia is responsible for other resource projects that have 'gone national' . . .

A transplant book review project

A TRIO Philadelphia chapter member began collecting and writing book review for transplant related books some 15 years ago now.  That library of over 150 volumes is now hosted for the world to use on the TRIO national web site.

Note: as of August 2012, this entire collection of over 150 transplant related books, many autographed by the authors and most with reviews, have been moved to the Gift of Life Donor Program's new Family House library (Philadelphia, PA) to be available for families and patients visiting there.

Keep in mind that typically it takes some extreme experience to have a story worth writing a book about, so what you read in these books, while factual and real-life, should not be taken as "typical" transplant experiences. Every patient will have their own unique transplant challenges and outcomes. Read them for the inspiration they offer us all in how the human spirit can deal with life's "adventures" and then go off to write your own "real-life" story.

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A transplant 'movie night' project

In 2006 and for many years thereafter, TRIO Philadelphia initiated the idea of hosting a 'transplant movie night' series, a social event (you brought your own popcorn and snacks) that featured some Hollywood movies and others we would not recommend (the majority of the 30+ movies we discovered are in that 'not recommended' class, but it became a 'passion to collect' project so they are included for historical reasons).  Over time that movie night event caught on with other TRIO chapters and continued in popularity until we ran out of good movies to share (too few actually).

An online library of all we could find about each film was created and posted for world use.  Donate Life Hollywood even connected and asked our audiences here to select the top ten transplant movies for a contest they planned to use in promoting a huge Hollywood gala honoring those films by way of promoting organ donation and accuracy in film making about that process.  It was surprising over time to receive calls from movie directors looking to see if any movies had ever been made about some transplant topic they were considering, from all over the world!

Today that library of movie facts is archived on the TRIO national web site. Click on the button below to link to it.

PS: Our all-time favorite was "Return to Me" which is still available on streaming video today.  Be sure to watch that fun-filled family heart transplant and donor story, a comedy if you can believe that!

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